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Audio visual is a topic that affects anyone with a television system, hi-fi or any audio, video or audio visual system. Knowing a little about these systems enables them to be installed and maintained more easily as well as allowing the best to be made from each system.

In addition to this, knowing how interconnection systems such as SCART or HDMI work and how to use them is particularly useful. Also, when using microphones, loudspeakers and anything connected with audio or video, it helps to know a little about them. These any many other topics are addressed within this, AV, audio visual or audio and video section of the website.

Audio transducers

Audio transducers are used to convert electrical energy to sound and vice versa. Loudspeakers, headphones, earpods and microphones are all included in this category.

Items like earphones, headphones and even earPods are widely used these days with the number of portable devices, especially mobile phones that a re used to provide music, etc. Earphone technology has developed significantly, and the quality of music obtainable from earphones is particularly high these days.


Broadcasting both audio and vision is now an accepted part of everyday life. There are many different ways in which broadcasting can be undertaken from the rather dated AM transmissions through to VHF FM and digital radio as well as the multiple forms of digital television available.

The equipment used to receive and display and play these transmissions can be highly sophisticated. However knowing how the system work, will enable suitable loudspeaker, headphones and other devices to be selected.

AV interconnection standards

There are many different interconnection standards used for the different types of audio visual equipment. Some of the more used used varieties are detailed below.

Audio and video technology is a fascinating topic and one which can result in enjoyment of music and video. Loudspeakers, headphones or earphones and a variety of audio and video units are available in setting up systems.

There are also many other items like the old SCART interface cables and the more modern HDMI cables that are used these days. HDMI cables are now used as the standard. However even HDMI cables are developing and when buying these HDMI cables it helps to understand the terminology and the status of the standard so that the required cables can be bought.

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