FET Circuit Configurations

FET Circuit Configurations

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FET circuit configurations are the common source, common gate, and common drain formats. Each have their own characteristics of voltage and current gain as well as input and output impedance.

The choice of the FET circuit configuration or topology is one of the key design parameters on which the overall circuit design is based.

FET configuration basics

The terminology used for denoting the three basic FET configurations indicates the FET electrode that is common to both input and output circuits. This gives rise to the three terms: common gate, common drain and common source.

The three different FET circuit configurations are:

FET circuit configuration summary table

The table below gives a summary of the major properties of the different FET circuit configurations.

FET Configuration Summary Table
FET ConfigurationCommon GateCommon Drain
(Source follower)
Common Source
Voltage gainHighLowMedium
Current gainLowHighMedium
Power gainLowMediumHigh
Input resistanceLowHighMedium
Output resistanceHighLowMedium
Input / output phase relationship180°

As can be seen the different configurations or topologies have different characteristics. The common source is the most widely used FET circuit configuration and it equates to the common emitter transistor amplifier. The FET common drain or source follower is used as a buffer amplifier and it equates to the transistor common emitter amplifier.

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