CDMA 2000 1X EV-DO Advanced

CDMA 2000 1X EV-DO Advanced

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DO Advanced is the next state in the evolution of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO beyond the Rev. B. DO Advanced brings a number of new features that not only improve the performance as seen by the user, but also improve the efficiency of the network for the operator, and allow improvements that bring in additional revenue.

The upgrade required for DO Advanced is simply a software upgrade, making the change exceptionally easy for the operator. While new devices will be able to take full advantage of the improvements brought about by the introduction of DO Advanced, existing devices will also see an improvement.

Overcoming network loading problems with DO Advanced

One of the key issues with any cellular network is that of load balancing - the loading is inherently uneven and it changes according to the time of day. It is often found that a fully loaded sector is surrounded by lightly loaded ones.

CDMA2000 EV-DO Advanced incorporates a number of measures to ensure that the load is evened out across the network. This will not only improve the situation for the operator, but also for the user.

To allow the improvement of the network performance DO Advanced incorporates three main techniques, referred to as Smart Network techniques:

  • Network Load Balancing: This feature of DO Advanced off-loads users on the edge of heavily loaded sectors to any lightly loaded neighbouring sectors. This will only be achieved if the performance can either be maintained or improved. Off-loading not only alleviates congestion over the radio access network, but also within the backhaul elements of the network. In this way it improves the overall network capacity.
  • Demand Matched Configuration : This DO Advanced feature controls the power levels of the different sectors and also the different carriers. The power level is based upon the amount of load they carry. In scenarios where the loading is uneven, the transmit power of the second and third carriers of lightly loaded sectors is reduced to minimize interference, and this in turn increases the capacity of highly loaded neighbouring sectors as a result of the lower interference levels.
  • Distributed Network Scheduler: This DO Advanced feature increases data rates for users, especially at the edge of the cell in "hot-spot" deployment situations, by assigning the most suitable carriers to them, without sacrificing the gains achieved through Multicarrier. In such scenarios, the secondary carriers will most likely be the appropriate carriers to assign as they will have larger coverage area because of lower interference.

DO Advanced - Enhanced Connection Management

Enhanced Connection Management, ECM, is another key feature within ED-DO Advanced. ECM manages bursty applications such as push/pull mobile email, as well as device enhancements to improve performance without impacting infrastructure or standards.

ECM optimizes the process of allocation and de-allocation of resources to such applications and improves the usage of access and paging channels, resulting in support for a large number of simultaneous connected devices.

DO Advanced summary

The transition to EV-DO Advanced is a very simple implementation for the operator. It simply consists of a software upgrade. As many software upgrades can be implemented remotely, the DO Advanced upgrade can be a very cost effective way of improving the performance of the network without major investment in new hardware.

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