The Best Ways To Learn MATLAB In 2019

The Best Ways To Learn MATLAB In 2019

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Some programs are so essential to their respective fields that their names have become practically synonymous with the industry.

Adobe Photoshop is the go-to program for photographers, Pro Tools reigns supreme in recording studios, and Final Cut Pro is used to patch together everything from small indie films to Hollywood blockbusters.

And when it comes to both digital and physical engineering, MATLAB is the undisputed king. Here are the four best ways to learn this essential platform in 2019.

1. The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle - MSRP $549.96, PRICE DROP $35

If you’ve never seriously worked with MATLAB before, this is doubtlessly the place to start.

With five courses and over 180 lessons that introduce you to both the fundamentals and more detailed elements of this complex program.

This bundle will help you earn valuable certifications by teaching you about machine learning classification algorithms, data science, data analysis, linear regression, implementing MATLAB with Excel, and more.

2. Create Apps in MATLAB Using App Designer - MSRP $25, Sale Price $20

Your MATLAB skills are only truly useful if you’re able to utilize them in the real world.

This app-designer course will teach you how to build your very own customized apps from scratch using powerful analytical frameworks and coding tricks.

Through 41 lectures, you’ll learn how to work with graphical interfaces like text boxes and buttons, create great GUI for your programs, build engaging user interfaces, and more.

3. MATLAB Programming and Problem Solving: Go from Beginner to Pro - MSRP $95, Sale Price $35

The primary purpose of MATLAB is to help you solve problems.

And this training teaches you how to do just that—through six hours of content that focusses on everything from running scripts and writing code to large-scale data analysis and visualization.

Matlab's strength can be harnessed to predict future outcomes and tackle virtually any engineering problem that may be foolish enough to come your way.

4. Data Analysis with MATLAB for Excel Users - MSRP $25, Sale Price $20

You’ve doubtlessly used Excel at one point in your career, and this powerful program can be found at the heart of some of the world’s most interesting analytical platforms.

But if you really want to take advantage of all that Excel has to offer, try integrating it with MATLAB in order to perform far more powerful analytical functions.

This streamlined course will teach you how to supplement the relatively limited capabilities of Excel by bringing in thousands of customized mathematical and advanced analysis functions from MATLAB, along with a variety of visualization tools and workflow automation that will cut down on your work time and expedite your problem-solving.

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