Start Making Money on YouTube with This 5-Course Bundle

Start Making Money on YouTube with This 5-Course Bundle

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Online marketing and digital advertising have come a long way in the past decade. Not too long ago, if a company, brand, or individual wanted to sell and promote their products and services online, they needed to place relatively generic and bland ads in websites that had some vague connection to their image, or they had the option of trying to rank higher in search results on leading platforms like Google.

While it still pays to make it to the top of a Google search, the rise of DIY streaming content has made it easier than ever for both individuals and business to gain mass, viral attention on the Internet. Nothing embodies this dramatic shift like YouTube, which lets literally anyone with a basic camera and a decent idea gain widespread exposure throughout the globe.

Of course, it’s not exactly that simple, and if you really want to gain followers, drive clicks, and increase your reach online, you need to understand how to take advantage of everything that YouTube has to offer. The YouTube Mastery Bundle will teach you everything you need to know in order to start making serious money on the world’s most popular streaming service, and right now the entire bundle is available for over 95% off at just $41.

With five courses led by industry experts who have spent years figuring out how to best utilize YouTube and its various connected services, this bundle walks you through everything from the absolute basics of uploading your first video to the more complex and nuanced elements of promoting your brand online.

After an introductory course that teaches you how to start your own channel, upload videos, film professional shots with a limited budget, set up powerful SEO tags, and much more, you’ll move on to more advanced topics—including how to drive business through your channel using AIDA scripting techniques, video optimization, targeted advertising, trackers that can show you who’s coming to your page and why, and more.

You’ll also learn how to create direct and valuable links between your YouTube page and other online entities such as virtual stores in order to increase revenue and grow your client base. Whether you want to drive more traffic to another site in order to increase clickthroughs or drive traffic to an e-commerce site that generates revenue through physical sales, this bundle has you covered.

There’s even instruction that focusses exclusively on how to promote your channel through a series of analytical tools that will help you to both retain your existing subscribers and gain more through targeted shares, comments, and likes.

Get the skills you need in order to start making money with YouTube. Usually priced at over $1,600, this extensive training is currently available for just $41—over 95% off MSRP for a limited time.

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