New Video Shows Tesla's Full Self-Driving Technology at Work

New Video Shows Tesla's Full Self-Driving Technology at Work

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Tesla showed off its newly enhanced full self-driving system in a video released after its Autonomy Day event that shows just how far Tesla’s Autopilot system and Self-Driving Computer have come in the past few years.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Computer a Major Leap Over Autopilot

In a demo video released by the company, Tesla’s full self-driving computer is shown performing what could be categorized as a morning commute without any driver intervention at all.


The vehicle begins outside the Tesla Autonomy Day event and drives in a circuit that takes it over residential streets, navigating intersections, entering and exiting a highway, and using clover turns to start heading back to the Tesla event it started from.

The Autopilot screen also has an updated interface, featuring an updated rendering for the vehicle on the display, as well as the path programmed into the system. The updated rendering of the car’s environment that currently only shows the vehicles on a straight road now shows intersections as well.

The video demonstrates a lot of what Tesla claimed their self-driving system was capable of in their Autonomy Day event, and even if the route was planned in advance and road conditions were fairly good, the video is essentially indistinguishable from the morning and evening commutes of the vast majority of Americans who drive to work.

All in all it’s hard not to be impressed. See for yourself.

Watch the video: Tesla Full Self-Driving Review. Consumer Reports (June 2022).


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