Architects Turn Abandoned TWA Airport into the Ultimate Mid-Century Hotel

Architects Turn Abandoned TWA Airport into the Ultimate Mid-Century Hotel

This hotel looks like something out of an episode of Mad Men. An abandoned terminal at New York’s famous John F. Kennedy International Airport, the Eero Saarinen designed building is getting a surge of new life through renovations, transforming it into a hotel that would even make Don Draper smile.

That Old TWA Charm

The old terminal was once a busy hub for the Trans World Airlines. Ceasing operations in 2001 due to the fact the building was unable to support the size of modern aircraft the terminal has had little to no purpose over the years. During its opening in 1962, the unique building epitomized the glamour and optimism of the age of the jet-set.


The TWA terminal was a concrete symbol of the technological transformations on the cusp of the 60s. Eero Saarinen wanted to capture this new exciting age of flight designing a building that has a fluid and open interior and an iconic wing-like concrete shell on the top of the roof. In some respects, the building is Saarinen’s monument to aviation itself.

It makes sense that the timeless design would still have appeal even in 2019. The New York-based firms Lubrano Ciavarra and Beyer Blinder Belle took up the massive renovation, staying true to Eero Saarinen’s original vision. The new renovations include mid-century modern guest rooms, a 10,000-square-foot rooftop deck with a pool and a Jean Georges restaurant.

Opening this month, the project still embraces that romance of flying. Walking through the hotel, you will be treated to timeless songs featuring some of the world’s most favorite musicians like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The 5th Dimension, Dusty Springfield, Rosemary Clooney, and Dean Martin.

Throughout the hotel, you will find just the right amount of airline beverage carts with snacks and of course a healthy amount of champagne. Rooms mix a healthy amount of pop colors and “Hollywood-style vanities, including custom walnut, brass, and glass details.

Rooms themselves protect guests from the disturbance of planes with each room being equipped with Fabbrica glass, the second-thickest windows in the world. The hotel takes all the glam and excitement of a film like Catch Me If You Can and puts it on display for 2019.

Would you stay at the TWA hotel?

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