Take a Look At Tesla Model 3 Vehicles in a Race Between Boring Company Tunnel and Traffic

Take a Look At Tesla Model 3 Vehicles in a Race Between Boring Company Tunnel and Traffic

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On 24 May, one of Elon Musk's corporations, the Boring Company, released a video where two Tesla Model 3 vehicles race each other against the clock.


The only difference is that one of the vehicles is placed inside the company's tunnel, under the bustling and congested Los Angeles streets, whereas the other is driving at ground level, amongst the traffic and streets of the city. The exact same distance, the exact same car.

The Boring Company built this mile-long tunnel in Los Angeles, near its SpaceX base.

The tunnel was created for the company to work on and develop its boring techniques and technology, in order to trial its transportation systems. These are being developed and go by the name 'Loop.'

The aim of the game?

The Boring Company is aiming to minimize traffic congestion in cities. In doing so, they've released this video to demonstrate the benefits of these underground tunnels. The Tesla Model 3 vehicle's goal is to test the tunnel and what benefits it could bring to congested metropolises.

Watch the race here:

The video depicts one of the vehicles being lowered into the tunnel by an elevator system, built by the Boring Company. The car swiftly speeds up to 127 MPH and cruises seamlessly through the empty tunnel.

In stark comparison, the second vehicle remains above ground and attempts to match its counterpart. Take a look at the above video to see for yourselves.

Interestingly, the vehicle in the tunnel's 'tracking wheels' system is not used. It was built to specifically guide the vehicle in the tunnel, when it was launched last year, in an attempt to provide assistance in guiding the vehicles.

As far as the race goes, as entertaining as it was, and as apt a topic it brings to our minds, it remains unrealistic given the tunnel's entrance and exit, once opened to the public, would be significantly more congested than it was in this video.

Watch the video: Gas car DESTROYED by Boring Company in Race Through LA traffic PARODYCHALLENGE (June 2022).


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