This Tool Tells You When the Starlink Satellites Will Pass over Your City

This Tool Tells You When the Starlink Satellites Will Pass over Your City

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SpaceX's new Starlinks satellites made headlines last week when lucky Netherlanders were treated to an amazing view of a train of the orbiting satellites in the night sky. They were even captured on video by photographer Marco Langbroek.


A helpful Redditor

The video shows the line of satellites speeding through the sky at close to 16,000 mph, more than 260 miles above the Earth's surface. For those who want to see the Starlink satellites themselves, a helpful Redditor has created a tool that lets you see when they are bound to pass over your city and in what direction.

"This page helps you calculate when the Starlink satellites are expected to be above your location. Please note that this is not 100% accurate, as the satellites are currently burning their thrusters and moving to their final orbits (after launching on May 23, 2019)," states the tool's page.

The tool is based on calculations made by a Redditor called Jens T. Satre. The tool simply automates the process the Redditor had previously highlighted.

"This page was built entirely by modifying the code by Jens T. Nothing belongs to me, all I did was take the excellent implementation on Satre's TLE Tracker, hardcoded the values required for Starlink tracking, and built a different UI," reads the page.

Still, for those of us who struggle with mathematics, it is a welcome simplification. The page also claims that 14 people have thus far seen the satellites by using it, in just four days of the page being online.

The tool allows you to choose your location by city or by longitude and latitude. It also has a map indicating where the Starlink satellites are now.

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