Elon Musk Says Tesla is Under Attack by Big Auto and Big Oil

Elon Musk Says Tesla is Under Attack by Big Auto and Big Oil

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In a series of tweets, Elon Musk claimed that Tesla is under attack by the fossil fuel industry as well as big auto.

"Tesla is affecting powerful vested interests. Big auto and oil companies aren’t known for their gentle behavior. SpaceX is battling US military prime contractors and space programs of national governments. No walk in the park there," wrote the CEO.


A Fear Campaign

He further noted that these giant industries are running a fear campaign against the electric car maker.

Yeah, the fear, uncertainty & doubt propaganda campaign being pushed by those betting against Tesla has reached new heights

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 29, 2019

Tesla is the main EV company to really pose a threat to big oil and big auto and as a result, the attacks would make sense. From the Koch brothers launching misinformation campaigns to concentrated anti-EV agendas by traditional automakers in the past; we have seen quite an attack against electric carmakers.

Difficult Situations

However, Tesla has also had to contend with some difficult situations lately that are not necessarily propaganda related. For starters, Tesla has had issues with its cash position earlier this year.

This led them to make some unexpected moves that did not fare so well for them. There is also the TSLAQ shorts. The TSLA stock plunged due to the news of disappointing deliveries in the first quarter.

All in all, although, Tesla has probably been under attack by the fossil fuel industry in the past, and probably will be again, not all of the electric carmaker's problems can be attributed to them.

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