The Striking Architectural Design of a New Australian Mosque

The Striking Architectural Design of a New Australian Mosque

A Western suburb of Sydney, Australia is now home to an architecturally stunning masterpiece: the Punchbowl Mosque.

Australian architecture firm, Candalepas Associates, combined traditional Islamic architectural components with contemporary, brutalist style.

The end result is striking.

The mosque was built for the Australian Islamic Mission (AIM) and includes 102 quarter-spherical domes, known as 'muqarnas' - or traditional ornamental vaulting.


These 102 'muqarnas' adorn the high and large sweep of ceiling of the mosque, piercing the main prayer hall with natural light, thanks to the 30mm diameter holes in the domes' center.

The mosque offers a clear space, devoid of colors or ornaments, simply using wood, concrete and stone to create a modern effect.

The mosque's layout

The Punchbowl mosque encompasses a complex of buildings, which include facilities for learning and religious worship.

The mosque itself can hold up to 300 worshipers at once. As is customary, men and women entrances are separate upon entering the complex. The men move into the main prayer hall through a compressed entry awning and into a triangular formed male ablutions area.

The women go to the opposite side, under the minaret and into the female ablutions area, before entering into the prayer galleries on the first and second floors of the mosque.

These two stories are under a stunning timber dome and oculus which look down upon the main prayer hall.

In the areas directly surrounding the mosque are its community buildings. These are strategically placed around a quadrangle, that creates two adjoining yet separate courtyards.

The first of the courtyards is a public area, which can be reached directly from the street. The second one is a more private one, mostly used for religious festivals and events.

An impressive architectural feat of blending the traditional with the contemporary, Candalepas Associates have created a masterpiece.

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