Smartphone Gets Dropped from a Ridiculous Height and Survives

Smartphone Gets Dropped from a Ridiculous Height and Survives

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Feeling your smartphone leave your hand to hear a devastating clunk seconds later as it makes contact with the ground, is something almost everyone has experienced.

But if you were holding an iQOO phone from Vivo, dropping it from your hand wouldn’t leave a dent.

In fact, drop it from 103,000 feet and it will still be ok.

The company launched iQOO, a gaming specific phone in March this year and have gone to extremes to show, just how durable it is.


To complete the stunt that is taking over the Internet, the company attached the phone to a helium-filled balloon which was launched skywards.

Extreme height and temp no matter

The phone, which was sitting on a custom made platform, played a video throughout its experience to test battery life under extreme conditions. The phone traveled spacewards encountering temperatures of -56 degrees Celsius (-68 Fahrenheit) once at the target height of 31,540 meters.

The phone was released from the balloon and it started its epic freefall, eventually landing back on earth.

The phone's recovery team had to use Pajeros and drones to locate the adventurous phone but upon inspection, it seems the phone was still recording and suffered only minor damage to its screen protector.

See the whole video of the drop, here.

Battery lives up to reputation

The phone played a video for 5.5 hours on the first part of its journey, before it's handlers on the ground switched it over, to begin recording a video on its descent.

The 4,000 mAh capacity battery seems to have performed well. The phone is also equipped with a 44w fast charging system, that can deliver a full charge in just 45 minutes. The massive battery powers a Snapdragon 855 processor, while the screen measures 6.41-inches.

Phone drop tests aren’t unusual, but the extreme height of this one definitely makes it usual.

Sonim held the world record back in 2011 for its phone, the XP3300 Force, which survived a 25-meter fall. This title was snatched by the Honor 8 in 2016, when it survived reached 18,421 meters (60,436 feet), also attached to a balloon.

It isn’t confirmed if Vivo is actually nominated for the offical award.

To put the phone's fall into perspective, the world record for the highest free fall parachute jump took place at 41,420 meters or 135,890 feet, and Mount Everest is a mere 8.848 meters (29,029 feet) high.

Watch the video: Дворец для Путина. История самой большой взятки (May 2022).


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