10 of the Best Computer Engineering Schools Worldwide

10 of the Best Computer Engineering Schools Worldwide

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It's no secret that computer engineering jobs often offer lucrative earnings. The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that U.S.-based computer hardware engineers made an average annual wage ranging between $66,700 to $172,630 per year in 2018. At least half of these engineers made an average annual salary of $117,840.


But getting access to these lucrative computer engineering jobs requires having a good education. The great news is that there are top engineering schools all over the world that you can choose from to help you get a sound education. Here are some of the best schools in the world offering a computer engineering degree:

What Should You Consider When You're Looking Into a Computer Engineering School?

One of the first considerations to take into account as you're searching for the best engineering school is whether or not that school offers the computer engineering degree you need. Most computer engineering jobs for entry-level computer engineers require at least a bachelor's degree. While you typically need to earn a computer engineering degree at the baccalaureate level, companies may also consider you for top-paying computer engineering jobs if you major in computer science or electrical engineering.

Another important factor to consider is the school's accreditation. An accredited school and degree program is an indicator that the school or program offers a sound program in the field. Some of the top engineering schools in the world offer ABET-accredited degree programs. Schools that achieve an ABET accreditation for their degree programs have proven they have met the organization's high standards for preparing students with the education they need to work in their respective fields. The ABET is recognized across the world by employers and also accredits degree programs worldwide. The Accrediting Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering or ASIIN, the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE), the Australian Engineering Accreditation Centre, Engineers Canada and the Japanese Institute of Technician Education Accreditation Organization(JABEE)are also other organizations that accredit educational programs.

It's also worth considering if the engineering school you are considering offers courses that will help support your academic and career goals. One key academic goal worth considering is whether the engineering school you're considering has courses that teach you the programming language you need to learn. For instance, if you're considering to work as a software engineer, it's important to learn the programming languages you plan to use as a professional. Java, C, and Python are among some of the top 10 programming languages for engineers. So, it's worth considering schools that offer courses that teach you these programming languages.

Moreover, it's important to consider the support services you need. A reputable engineering school will offer you academic support services, such as writing labs, research facilities, and tutoring services. It's also worth considering the school's network and support for your career. Some of the top engineering schools have robust career service centers for aspiring engineers, access to clubs and organizations and a wide alumni network for career and internship opportunities. You also may find it beneficial to attend schools that offer a lower student-faculty ratio for more opportunities to meet with your professor one-on-one.

What are Some Top Schools Offering an Undergraduate Computer Engineering Degree?

Whether you're looking to be a software engineer or a computer hardware engineer, it's important to know which school best fits your needs. With so many schools to choose from around the world, it's a good idea to narrow down your list, and you can start with some of the best engineering schools for undergraduates. Check out some of the best engineering schools around the world offer an undergraduate computer engineering or computer science degree, according to Times Higher Education's (THE) 2019 World University Rankings:

  • ETH Zurich. (Switzerland)
  • National University of Singapore. (Singapore)
  • Stanford University (U.S.)
  • Tshinghua University (China)
  • University of Oxford (U.K.)
  • University of Toronto (Canada)

What are the Some of the Best Graduate Computer Engineering Schools Worldwide?

From Singapore to the United States, several schools around the world offer quality education to prepare you as a computer engineer. However, some schools stand out among the crowd thanks to their support services, career opportunities, and high-quality curriculum. Here are some of the best engineering schools worldwide that offer a graduate degree for aspiring computer engineers:

  • Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL) (Switzerland). The EPFL offers various graduate degree programs for future computer engineers, including a master's of science in computation science and engineering (CSE) and a master's program in computer science that is taught in English. The school also offers multiple Ph.D. programs, where you can specialize in computer science fields, such as concurrent and distributed systems, security and networks.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (U.S.). Not only is MIT one of the best computer engineering schools in the USA for undergraduates, but it also offers one of the top degree graduate programs for future computer engineers. U.S. News & World Reports ranks MIT as the best engineering school in the U.S. for good reasons. The school boasts a low student-faculty ratio of 5.6 students per faculty member. MIT also has 20 research centers, including its Center for Computational Engineering.
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong). At the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, you can pursue postgraduate degrees in computer science and engineering at the masters and doctoral levels. The school offers various courses in subjects to prepare in your professional career, including parallel programming, computer vision and career development courses for engineering research students.
  • University of Cambridge (U.K.). The University of Cambridge excels in research, specializations, innovation, and teaching. The school offers doctoral engineering degrees and studentships for international students through its department of engineering.

Final Thoughts

Getting a job as a computer engineer starts with a sound education. But if you want to get the best education and opportunities, then it's worth getting a computer engineering degree from some of the best schools across the globe. Just use this list as a starting point and consider your needs. Also, think about the academic and career goals you want to achieve, and you'll be on your way to finding the right engineering school that meets your needs.

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