Tropical Storm Humberto Has Strengthened into a Hurricane, Moved East into Atlantic

Tropical Storm Humberto Has Strengthened into a Hurricane, Moved East into Atlantic

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Humberto has been upgraded to the status of a hurricane as the storm moves away from the U.S. further into the Atlantic Ocean.

Thankfully, the Bahamas, which recently suffered the devastating hurricane Dorian, dodged the worst part of Humberto, the National Hurricane Center says.

Humberto is reported to have wind speeds of 75 mph (120 kph), while Dorian's maximum wind speeds were a sustained 185 mph (295 kph).


High surf and heavy rain in Bermuda

On Sunday, Hurricane Humberto was about 785 miles (1263 km) west of Bermuda and was moving northeast at approximately 3 mph (4.8 kph), the hurricane center reported.

It is forecast to continue at this speed throughout Monday morning. It will gain speed and turn east-northeast from Monday to Wednesday, the center claims.

Heavy rains, as well as high surf, are forecast to affect Bermuda throughout the week.

Tropical Storm #Humberto is strengthening and is forecast to turn east-northeastward, away from the United States. However, there is a significant threat of rip currents along parts of the southeastern U.S. coast and NW Bahamas. Full advisory: https://t.co/tW4KeFW0gBpic.twitter.com/XQXwrtngLw

— National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) September 15, 2019

Dangerous rip currents

As CNN reports, swells will impact the northeastern Bahamas as well as the southeastern coast of the United States — east-central Florida up to North Carolina — causing dangerous rip currents.

Thankfully, the worst of Humberto passed by the Bahamas, as the country is still dealing with the aftermaths of Hurricane Dorian. At least 1,300 people were still listed as missing as of Thursday, CNN reports. About 3,900 evacuees have been processed through south Florida by land and by sea.

Unfortunately, hurricane season is not yet over. Forecasters are now monitoring two other tropical disturbances, one in the Atlantic Ocean, and the other in the Gulf of Mexico.

Watch the video: Tracking Tropical Storm Humberto Saturday morning (May 2022).


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