Become a Data-Crunching Master with This MATLAB & LabVIEW Bundle

Become a Data-Crunching Master with This MATLAB & LabVIEW Bundle

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We’re living during the age of Big Data. As the driving force behind machine learning and AI, massive sets of complex data can be found at the heart of everything from Google search algorithms and self-driving cars to surgical robots and targeted marketing campaigns, and our reliance on Big Data is growing by the day.

So it should come as no surprise that if you want to land the most exciting and lucrative careers of both today and tomorrow, you need to understand how to work with and analyze massive sets of complex data.

MATLAB and LabVIEW are two of the world’s most popular and powerful data-analysis platforms—used by an endless number of world-class engineers, programmers, and developers—and if you want to enter the world of data science and analysis, you need to understand how these two programs work.

The Essential MATLAB & LabVIEW Mega Bundle will get you up to speed, and it’s currently available for over 95% off, at just $29.

With nine courses and over 340 lessons led by industry pros, this training bundle walks you through both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of these two essential, data-crunching programs.

Used by engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and virtually anyone who works in a field that requires large-scale analysis, these two programs can be found at the heart of today’s most exciting innovations.

This training will teach you how to solve complex mathematical equations, how to create hybrid systems that can create new networking opportunities, how to gain valuable insights using complex analysis, how to create designs for everything from houses to robots, and much more.

You’ll even learn how to use MATLAB and LabVIEW in order to create entirely new pieces of software from scratch.

Get the skills and training you need to thrive in a data-driven world with the Essential MATLAB & LabVIEW Mega Bundle for just $29—over 95% off for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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