Hollywood Legend Samuel L. Jackson Will Give Alexa Users Weather Updates, More

Hollywood Legend Samuel L. Jackson Will Give Alexa Users Weather Updates, More

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Pulp Fiction fans may not get Samuel L. Jackson to recite "Ezekiel 25:17, The path of the righteous man" the bible passage he made famous in the movie, but if you need weather updates or want to hear a favorite song he can deliver.

That is of course if you own a device that has Amazon's AI assistant Alexa built-in.

For the uninformed Pulp Fiction is the 1994 hit movie featuring Jackson and John Travolta. The two Hollywood actors play hitman that aren't afraid to get philosophical.


The eCommerece giant announced the Hollywood legend will give Alexa users the weather, play songs, tell jokes and more. To get started users tell Alexa to introduce them to Samuel L. Jackson and then they can choose if they want a clean or potty-mouth version of the actor. Pulp Fiction fans will probably choose the latter.

Jackson's voice will cost you 99 cents

Jackson will be able to tell Alexa users where he's from, have him wake them up and even sing happy birthday. Jackson won't be able to help users create shopping lists, reminders or skills. That is left to the domain of Alexa. The privilege of hearing Jackson's voice isn't free. It costs users 99 cents.

Adding Jackson to its voice-activated devices is sure to be a hit with consumers, although Alexa has been doing very well on her own over the years. Thanks to Alexa, Amazon is the leader in the smart home speaker market. Alexa has become ubiquitous with voice-activated commands and is found in a bevy of devices outside of Amazon's Echo line of speakers.

Amazon has been expanding the uses of Alexa

In addition to tapping Jackson to give you the weather, earlier in September Amazon announced users will be able to provide answers to questions Alexa is stumped on. To engage, users have to find questions Alexa couldn't handle and write down the answers. They then have to register themselves to the Alexa Answers website. Participants can wrack up virtual points that can be exchanged for achievements. While you don't get any discounts or free goods, you can gain the status of a top contributor. Now that's something Jackson can't claim, at least yet.

Watch the video: How to Add Samuel L. Jacksons Voice to Your Echo. Amazon (June 2022).


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