Elon Musk Tweets Starship Updates, Images of 3 Raptor Engines

Elon Musk Tweets Starship Updates, Images of 3 Raptor Engines

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This Saturday, Elon Musk is set to reveal details about SpaceX's next prototype in a big Starship presentation, and it will let us know more about the companies plans to get to Mars.

Leading up to this event, Musk has been tweeting some tantalizing details and images of the Starship prototype.


Upcoming test flight

SpaceX aims to carry out a full Starship prototype untethered test flight next month. Musk recently tweeted that the prototype, called mark 1 (Mk 1), will do a test flight in October, where it will aim to reach an altitude of 12 miles (20 kilometers).

Aiming for 20km flight in Oct & orbit attempt shortly thereafter. Starship update will be on Sept 28th, anniversary of SpaceX reaching orbit. Starship Mk 1 will be fully assembled by that time.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 28, 2019

The test flight will be carried out at SpaceX's South Texas facilities near the village of Boca Chica — the same place where this weekend's presentation will be held.

Leading up to the big event, Musk has released impressive photos of the Mk 1 Starship.

On the transporter pic.twitter.com/CGNj1MlKAU

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 26, 2019

3 Raptor engines

Musk has also been answering questions on Twitter about the construction and specifications of the prototype spacecraft. For example, the SpaceX CEO says that the new prototype will be 165 feet (50 meters) tall and will have a weight of 1,400 tons when fueled up.

Three Raptors on a Starship pic.twitter.com/UrRiD62EVk

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 26, 2019

Musk also revealed photos of the Mk1 with 3 Raptor engines attached.

For context, Elon Musk previously tweeted that the final Starship design, including Super Heavy. It will include roughly 41 of the monster Raptor engines.

SpaceX enthusiasts will be waiting with bated breath for Saturday's update.

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