Instagram Is Allegedly Testing out a Feature That Groups Unwanted Accounts for You

Instagram Is Allegedly Testing out a Feature That Groups Unwanted Accounts for You

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Here's a scenario many of you may have encountered: you meet someone nice, and when the time comes to exchange contact details, you freeze. You're not quite ready to give them your phone number, so you offer them a decent alternative: your Instagram account details.

Even though it saves you from sharing your number with an almost-stranger, you end up following more people on the well-known social media site.

According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is working on a feature that will go through your undesired accounts and assist you in removing them.


Grouping accounts

Instagram's new feature will apparently group certain people into the following categories: Least Interacted With, or Most Shown in Feed.

The algorithm for corralling other accounts into these groups is based on your activity over the past 90 days.

Then, to make your decision and life easier, Instagram groups the accounts you interacted the least with, and those that came up the most in your feed.

You can then take your time to go through the lists and remove or keep whichever accounts you like.

Furthermore, this new feature will also assist you in selecting which type of accounts you typically prefer, be it sports, fashion, travel, or memes. You can tailor-make your feed, much like on Twitter.

Instagram is testing to “group the accounts you follow to make them easier to manage”, such as:

“Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed” which are counted in the last 90 days

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 19, 2019

Don't hold your breath quite yet, though. Instagram has yet to release its potential new feature officially. Wong, the Hong Kong app researcher, is the one who discovered this feature, sharing it on her Twitter page.

We still have to wait and see if the site will indeed segregate our followers' accounts based on our recent history.

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